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Non-Native species in the Antarctic

The following are the archived presentations and outcome documents from the "Non-Native Species in the Antarctic", an Academic Workshop. This workshop was held at Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, over 10-12 April 2006. The workshop was convened by Dr Maj De Poorter, Dr Neil Gilbert and Prof Bryan Storey.


Non Native Species in the Antartic Proceedings book


Workshop Final Report


Invasive species: A global threat to biodiversity (PDF 1,190KB)

Dr. Mick Clout & Dr Maj de Poorter

Biological invasions in the Antarctic: extent, impacts and implications (PDF 2, 196KB)

Dr Yves Frenot and others

The State of Knowledge: non-native species in the Antarctic marine environment (PDF 849 KB)

Mr. Chad Hewitt and Pat Lewis

Non-Native species in the Antarctic terrestrial environment - presence, sources, impacts and predictions (PDF 325 KB)

Dr Peter Convey

Legal Tools available for controlling risk and management of non-native species (PDF 242 KB)

Mr Bill Mansfield and Dr Neil Gilbert

Antarctic quarantine management Australia's framework and practice

(166 KB)

Dr Tom Maggs and Ms Sandra Potter

Non-native species in the Antarctic: Tools for risk managementand assessment (PDF 730 KB)

Dr Sue Worner

Biosecurity: A New Zealand Perspective (PDF 215 KB)

Mr Barry O'Neill

Non-native Species Issues Challenges of International Approach in the Antarctic context (PDF 719 KB)

Dr Maj de Poorter

Workgroup 1 (ppt. 226 KB)

Chair: Dr Alan Hemmings

Workshop 2 (ppt. 166 KB)

Chair: Dr Tom Maggs

Workshop 3 (ppt. 189 KB)

Chair: Dr Polly Penhale

Survey results (PDF, 78 KB)