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Bioprospecting in Antarctica

The following are archived presentations and outcomes documents from "Bioprospecting in Antarctica", an Academic Workshop. This workshop was held at Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, over 7-8 April 2003. The workshop was convened by Ms. Michelle Rogan-Finnemore and Dr. Alan Hemmings.


Antarctic BioProspecting Book


Outcomes Document (PDF 144 Kb)


The Internationsal Regime for Bioprospecting: Exising policies and emerging issues. Dr. Dagmar Lohan & Sam Johnston (PDF 327 Kb)

Bioprospecting in the Southern Ocean under International Law. A/Prof Donald R. Rothwell (PDF 504 Kb)

Discussion of Antarctic Bioprospecting within the Antarctic Treaty System. Alan D. Hemmings (PDF 161 Kb)

Bioprospecting: Uniquness of Antarctica and potential for commercial success. Roberta L. Farrell & Shona M. Duncan (PDF 814 Kb)

Patents, property Rights and Benifit Sharing. Kim Connolly-Stone (PDF 131 Kb)

Ethical, Equity & Environmental Issues. Alistair Graham (PDF 60 Kb)