Research - Gateway Antarctica - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Research at Gateway Antarctica

Strategic Goal

To focus on interdisciplinary research on the response of the current Antarctic environment to global change and in the transfer of knowledge to environmental managers and policy makers.

Drawing on interdisciplinary collaborative research networks across the University of Canterbury, Gateway Antarctica has concentrated its research strengths into three interdisciplinary research programmes of global significance and of strategic importance to New Zealand. 

1. Atmosphere-Climate-Cryosphere Programme

Incorporates research on the causes, effects and responses of the Antarctic system to global change with an emphasis on atmosphere-climate-cryosphere interactions using remote sensing.

2. Antarctic Ecosystems Programme

Incorporates research on how Antarctic ecosystems are constrained by the unique Antarctic environment and how the species and communities will respond to environmental changes. 

3. Antarctic and Southern Ocean Governance Programme

Engages in research connected to Antarctic governance (broadly defined) from perspectives such as law, policy, political science, and history. 

The research programmes are aligned with the New Zealand Antarctic and Southern Ocean Directions and Priorities 2010-2020 prepared by Antarctica New Zealand and MFAT on behalf of the New Zealand government.

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