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Gateway Antarctica has several publications as part of a special publication series.

Exploring the Last Continent - An Introduction to Antarctica

Edited by Daniela Liggett, Bryan Storey, Yvonne Cook and Veronika Meduna.

ISBN 978-3-319-18946-8
ISBN 978-3-319-18947-5 (eBook)

Cover photo: R Eisert (sea ice edge in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica)

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"This multidisciplinary book examines Antarctica, from its geological origins as it separated from the Gondwana supercontinent, to Captain James Cook and crew, the first recorded observation by Europeans, to its present as a research outpost protected from energy exploitation, and a climate change bellwether."


Exploring Antarctic Values

Proceedings of the Workshop on Exploring Linkages between Environmental Management and Value Systems: The Case of Antarctica, held at the University of Canterbury, December 2011. Edited by Dr Daniela Liggett and Dr Alan Hemmings.

Gateway Antarctica Special Publication 1301 - 2013
ISBN 978-0-473-24851-2 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-0-473-24852-9 (PDF)
ISBN 978-0-473-24853-6 (iBook)

Cover photo: D Liggett, 2012

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Non-native Species in the Antarctic - Proceedings

Edited by Ms. Michelle Rogan-Finnemore, this book is a compilation of papers from the presenters at the Non-native Species in the Antarctic Workshop, held at Gateway Antarctica in April 2006.

The workshop was jointly convened by Dr Maj de Poorter, Dr Neil Gilbert and Professor Bryan Storey.

Gateway Antarctica Special Publication 0801
ISBN 978-0-473-13126-5

Cover photo: B Wilson, 2004

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Antarctic BioprospectingAntarctic Bioprospecting

Edited by Dr. Alan Hemmings and Ms. Michelle Rogan-Finnemore, co-convenors of the Bioprospecting in Antarctica Workshop held in New Zealand in April 2003.

The book contains contributions from each of the presenters from the Workshop including Professor Don Rothwell and Professor Roberta Farrell. It also summarises the Workgroup outcomes and contains a copy of Information Paper 047 from ATCMXXVI.

The book will be a valuable addition to any Antarctic collection.

Gateway Antarctica Special Publication 0501
351pp, ISBN 0-476-01647-9

Cover photo: C Dolder, 2004

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