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Current Staff
Associated Staff (University of Canterbury)
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Current Staff

Index Bryan Storey

Professor Bryan Storey
Director/Professor of Antarctic Studies

Index Wolfgang Rack

Dr Wolfgang Rack
Senior Lecturer

Index Daniela Liggett

Dr Daniela Liggett

Ian Hawes Index

Professor Ian Hawes

Index Regina Eisert Dr Regina Eisert
Research Scientist
Dr Ursula Rack Dr Ursula Rack
Index Kurt Joy

Dr Kurt Joy
Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr Oliver Marsh
Post Doctoral Fellow


Vicki Christoffersen
Centre Administrator

Index Michelle Rogan Finnemore

Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP)

Ms Michelle Rogan-Finnemore
Executive Secretary

Associated Staff (University of Canterbury)

Adjunct Appointments

  • Dr Andrew Atkin, Former Executive Officer, University of Technology, Sydney (Retired)
  • Professor Mike Bentley, Department of Geography and Director of Climate Impacts Research Centre, Durham University, UK
  • Dr Neil Gilbert, Senior Fellow. Environmental Consultant and Polar Specialist
  • Dr Alan Hemmings, Associate Professor
  • Dr Graham Hill, Senior Fellow
  • Dr Olav Oftedal, Adjunct Professor, Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre, USA
  • Rhian Salmon, Fellow
  • Dr Gary Steel, Senior Fellow. Senior Lecturer, Lincoln University
  • Dr Ingrid (I.N.) Visser, Founder & Principal Scientist, Orca Research Trust

PhD Candidates

Gemma Brett Sea ice growth in the Southern Ocean: investigating a climate paradox by field validated remote sensing
Andrea Colombo Beyond AFoPS: how the presence and the rising interest of Asian countries will shape Antarctica
Rajasweta Datta Micro climates of glacial systems and meltwater availability in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Usama Farooq  
Bryan Lintott Scott and Shackleton's huts: Antarctic heritage and international relations
Ephaphrus Mamabolo Antarctic environmental challenges: the effectiveness of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty
Gabriela Roldan Searching for an Antarctic identity in gateway cities: CapeTown, Christchurch, Hobart, Punta Arenas and Ushuaia
Pablo Wainschenker One continent, many understandings - representations of Antarctica in literature of the polar gateways
Christian Wild Tidal flexure of ice shelves - the key to understanding Antarctic grounding zones

Masters Candidates

Marcus Arnold Surface mass balance on the Ross Ice Shelf
Robert Brears  
Fraser Dennison Analysis of polar stratospheric cloud formation using parcel temperature histories
Rachel Innes  
Natalie Pilcher Mercury contamination in Adelie and emperor penguins in the Ross Sea: latitudinal, temporal, sexual, age and inter-specific differences
Errin Rowan Masters in Geographic Information Science
Michelle Ryan Using radar to determine ice shelf properties
Ekki Scheffler Analysis of short term variations of glacier flow in the Ross Sea region, observed by new satellite sensors
Andrew Velman Planting Antarctica: new stations then and now
Toni Wi  

PhD Graduates

Masters Graduates