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Friends of Gateway Antarctica

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Latitude60s is proud to be a part of the Friends of Gateway Antarctica.  Our name represents the geographical location of Antarctica and we draw inspiration for our 100% NZ Merino base layers from its extreme natural environment and its historical and ongoing ties with New Zealand.  In addition to keeping the scientific research team from the University of Canterbury warm during their expeditions, we also donate $2 from the sale of any of our Antarctica designed t-shirts.  Website:

Your gift to the future: Opportunities to contribute to the Gateway Antarctica Fund

The University of Canterbury has a rich and proud history of Antarctic research. With the establishment in 1999 of Gateway Antarctica, the Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research, the University of Canterbury showed its commitment to providing generations of national and international students with a foundation on which to build an understanding of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern Ocean. As a centre for research, Gateway Antarctica plays a leading role in the quest for knowledge in a diverse range of national and international Antarctic projects.

This tradition of excellence has become as much a funding challenge as an academic one. Today, research can not rely solely on government grants and ad-hoc funding. These are simply not enough to maintain quality research in Antarctic disciplines. There are growing challenges to the sustainability of the last great continent.

Like many other universities around the World, the University of Canterbury is now looking increasingly towards its global "family" for support. We are encouraging alumni and patrons of the Antarctic, those who feel strongly about the importance of this work, to make a financial contribution to help ensure its future.

To this end, the University of Canterbury has established "The Gateway Antarctica Fund". The Fund is a registered charitable trust with the sole aim of providing opportunities for people to support Antarctic research activities through donations, sponsorships, bequests and other forms of gifts.

All donations no matter how large or small will contribute to the increased understanding of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. This in turn will add significantly to our understanding of global issues. All donations over $5 qualify for charitable gift taxation rebates and the trustees of the fund have a responsibility to ensure that all funds donated are prudently invested and are used in accordance with the donors wishes.

Your contribution is an investment in the future and is guaranteed to be used to contribute to the understanding and better management of the Antarctic, including its fragile wildlife. No government funding in New Zealand is currently earmarked specifically for Antarctic research.

Options for Giving

A wide range of options for giving exist and they can be tailored to suit your particular interests and desired level of giving. Some of these options include:

  • Making a single donation, by cash, cheque, credit card or automatic payment. Major gifts will be accorded special recognition, such as the naming rights of buildings, collections or academic chairs. Donations qualify as charitable for tax purposes within the normal limitations imposed by tax legislation.  
  • Making a commitment to contribute a cash gift spread over two, three, four or five years. Such gifts can be reviewed after the initial period and adjusted to meet your personal requirements. Donations of $5 or more are tax deductible.  
  • Including a bequest to the Gateway Antarctica Fund in your Will.  
  • Donating articles of value, such as photos, works of art, shares or real estate.  
  • Assigning to the University the income from shares or other investments while keeping them in your name. Standard tax-deductibility applies.  
  • Establishing a charitable trust in favour of Gateway Antarctica, either during your lifetime or in your Will.  
  • Making an interest-free loan to Gateway Antarctica, which will be invested in a special fund and only the interest used to support activities. At the end of the specified time, the capital returns to you.

Ways to Contribute

There are numerous ways by which you can contribute to the Gateway Antarctica Fund. Some of these are:

  • Endowing scholarships in perpetuity, at graduate or undergraduate levels;
  • Funding student scholarships on a pay-as-you-go basis;
  • Helping to support the academic chair in Antarctic Studies;
  • Providing support for the upkeep and continuance of the Antarctic-related Library materials;
  • Financing an item of research equipment;
  • Supporting designated research projects within Gateway Antarctica;
  • Providing support to bring overseas scholars to Canterbury (current examples are the Erskine Fellowships and the Rutherford Scholarships).