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The Polar Journal

The Polar Journal is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary social sciences and humanities scholarly journal which will help to create a community among the considerable number of specialists and policy makers working on these crucial regions. The journal welcomes papers on polar affairs from all fields of the social sciences and the humanities.

The main purpose of the journal is to develop a forum for the scholarly discussion of polar issues from a social science and humanities perspective and to help build a community of scholars working on polar issues. The journal is especially interested in publishing policy-relevant research. In order to better develop the field of polar social sciences and humanities and build connections between scholars, each issue of the journal will either feature articles from different disciplines on polar affairs or feature a topical theme from a range of scholarly approaches.

The 'special issue' section of the journal will take up around fifty percent of the journal, with the remaining space available for papers on other topics submitted independently of the special issue theme. This will allow for timely publication of research which reflects current concerns, and will also ensure that each issue of the journal is both specialised and aimed at the wider body of polar scholars and those interested in polar affairs.

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The Polar Journal publishes book reviews on the latest publications in polar studies. Publishers or would-be reviewers should contact Book Reviews Editor, Julia Jabour, julia.jabour@utas.edu.au.  The Journal also publishes reports on polar scholarly conferences and polar governance meetings such as the IWC and the ATCM. The contact for this section of the journal is daniela.liggett@canterbury.ac.nz. We welcome contributions to this section.

The Polar Journal is sponsored by Gateway Antarctica, New Zealand's leading centre for the study of polar issues, based at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Four Gateway-affiliated staff are on the editorial board of the journal: Anne-Marie Brady (editor-in-chief); Alan Hemmings (Australasia and Oceania Editor); Daniela Liggett (Conference reports editor); Gary Steel (Polar psychology editor);  as well as Leo Dana, an Arctic specialist based in the Department of Management Studies at the University of Canterbury.