Topics Avaiable - PhD Students - Gateway Antarctica - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Postgraduate Research

Below are our preferred Postgraduate (Masters and PhD) research topics for students to undertake; however if you have a specific area of interest that is not covered here, or you already have a research topic in mind, please contact the Centre Director Professor Bryan Storey to discuss developing a research topic to suit your area of interest. See here for information related specifically to PhD study.

  • Antarctic/transpolar geopolitics
  • Antarctic tourism
  • Antarctic environmental management
  • Antarctic cultural geography, including Antarctic values, means of human engagement with Antarctica and nationalism in Antarctica

    Contact: Dr Daniela Liggett

Remote sensing of the cryosphere related to:

  • mass balance of ice shelves, ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice
  • ice dynamics
  • snow accumulation
  • ice thickness measurements
  • validation of remotely sensed data in Antarctica

Contact: Dr Wolfgang Rack