Teaching - PCAS - Gateway Antarctica - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Teaching Staff - Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies (PCAS)

Director of Gateway Antarctica

Professor Bryan Storey

Professor Storey has been the Director of Gateway Antarctica since 2000, after spending 24 years working with the British Antarctic Survey.  He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in Geology and has a PhD from Birmingham University, UK.  An acknowledged expert on the geological evolution of the supercontinent Gondwana and processes driving its fragmentation, Bryan has worked extensively with NZ-UK-US colleagues on the microplates of West Antarctica and tectonic relationships with New Zealand. He has published extensively on many aspects of Antarctic geology and spent many field seasons in Antarctica. He has been honoured with the Polar Medal.

Programme Co-ordinator

Dr Daniela Liggett

Dr Liggett is a social scientist with a background in environmental management, Antarctic politics and tourism. She has a BSc in Management from a German university, an MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Manchester, UK, and a PhD from the University of Canterbury. Having conducted her doctoral research in the field of Antarctic tourism regulation, her research interests now include wider aspects of managing human activity in polar environments and the complexities of Antarctic values. Daniela is a co-chair of the Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research's (SCAR) Social Sciences Action Group and is an active member of SCAR's Capacity Building, Education & Training Committee.

Associate Staff involved with the programme

(staff may vary from year to year)

Antarctic Field Staff

  • Dr Heather Purdie, Department of Geography, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Samuel Hampton, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Anne-Marie Brady, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Paul Broady, University of Canterbury
  • Art Brown, US National Science Foundation
  • Dr Ed Butler, Antarctica New Zealand
  • Dr Peter Carey, SubAntarctic Foundation for Ecosystems Research
  • Professor Lionel Carter, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dr John Cassano, Co-operative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, USA
  • Bill Cranfield, Wing Commander, TAE, Christchurch
  • Professor Bill Davison, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Maj de Poorter, University of Auckland
  • Tessa Duder, Writer
  • Margaret Elliott, Artist
  • David Gaston, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT)
  • Dr Sally Gaw, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Neil Gilbert, Antarctica New Zealand
  • Paula Granger, NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust
  • Bernadette Hall, Poet
  • Dr Alan Hemmings, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Ian Hogg, University of Waikato
  • Darryl Shaw, Sanford Ltd
  • Veronika Meduna, Radio New Zealand
  • Colin Monteath, Photographer, Writer
  • Sarah Murray, Canterbury Museum
  • Jana Newman, Antarctica New Zealand
  • Jocelyn Ng, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)
  • Dr Wolfgang Rack, Gateway Antarctica
  • Dr Katja Riedel, NIWA
  • Aaron Russ, Heritage Expeditions
  • Dr Patrick Shepherd, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Gary Steel, Lincoln University
  • Professor David Walton, British Antarctic Survey
  • Dr Jose Xavier, Institute of Marine Research of the University of Coimbra, Portugal and BAS
  • Dr Peyman Zawar-Reza, University of Canterbury