Public Talks

Public Talks

Free monthly public talk series, where visiting and local scientists give presentations on Antarctic issues/topics. These talks are sponsored by several organisations including Gateway Antarctica, and organised by The Antarctic Office.

Talks are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month (this date may change occasionally)
6.00 pm (doors open 5.30 - refreshments can be purchased), at Bentleys (UCSA Event Centre, 90 Ilam Rd) or other venues as notified.

2017 Talks

14 June: Antarctic Glaciers on the Move - Dr Poul Christoffersen



2016 Talks

30 Nov: Surviving Antarctic Extremes - Professor Lloyd Peck, UK : Video link

26 Oct: Korean research perspectives in the Ross Sea- Yeadong Kim, Korea Polar Research Institute : Video link

29 Sep: Punta Arenas and Ushuaia - South America's gateway cities to Antarctica - Fausto Lopez Crozet, Ambassador of Argentina and Isauro Torres, Ambassador of Chile

Aug: no talk was held.

27 Jul: The world's most extreme conservation project: saving Scott's and Shackleton's legacy - Nigel Watson, Antarctic Heritage Trust

22 Jun: Taylor Valley: Integrating History and Ecology in the McMurdo Dry Valleys - Adrian Howkins, Colorado State University : Video link

25 May: Christchurch’s opportunity to be a world leader on Antarctica - Eric Assendelft, Antarctic Office : Video link

28 Apr: How Canterbury and NZ benefit from Antarctic activities - Prof Caroline Saunders, Lincoln University : Video Link

30 Mar: Revelations from the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58 : Part II - Stephen Hicks : Video Link

24 Feb: Origin of the Vinson Massif - scaling Antarctica's highest mountain for science, Prof Paul Fitzgerald, Syracuse University, New York

27 Jan - A Colony on Ice: the third German Antarctic expedition 1939, Prof Colin Summerhayes

2015 Talks

2 Dec - Are Carbon Emissions Changing the Climate? A Geologist's view of the Paris climate talks", Prof Colin Summerhayes
Video link

28 Oct - Subantarctic Islands: wildlife hotspots in the Southern Ocean, Dr Peter Carey

30 Sep - The Battle for the Last Ocean: Protecting the Ross Sea (but what and from whom?), Dr Regina Eisert
Video link

26 Aug - Governing Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: the good, the bad and the ugly, Dr Neil Gilbert

No talks held Jun and Jul.

27 May - The Trans-Antarctic Expedition - Behind the Scenes, Stephen Hicks

22 April - Slug Gods and Sea Sickness: Seven Days in New Zealand's Sub Antarctic Islands, Louise Hutt

25 Mar - Sea level rise and how much we know about it - an Antarctic Perspecitve, Dr Wolfgang Rack

11 Feb - First Glimpses of an Alien World - initial explorations of Antarctic subglacial lakes - Professor Chuck Kennicutt

2014 Talks

Wed 26 Nov - What happens in Antarctica is Important to the Planet: Global Teleconnections. Professor Mahlon C. Kennicutt II
Link to video reording on You Tube and Lecture Slides

Tue 13 May - The Crossing of the Antarctic: Original photographs from the Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-1958, Dr Huw Lewis-Jones

Wed 12 Feb - The future of Arctic and Antarctic sea Ice, Professor Cecilia Blizt, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

Thu 16 Jan - Invasions in the Antarctic. Professor Pete Convey, British Antarctic Survey

2012/13 Talks

Tues 17 December 2013 - Flying for Ed Hillary. Bill Cranfield, Retired, Royal New Zealand Air Force

Thu 10 Jan 2013 - Why Europeans do not know why polar bears do not eat penguins - Dr Jose Xavier

Wed 12 Dec 2012 - Professor David Walton, British Antarctic Survey

Wed 5 Dec 2012 - Associate Professor John Cassano, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

2011 Talks

Wed 7 Dec 2011 - Dr Julia Jabour, Senior Lecturer & Program Leader - Ocean & Antarctic Policy, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Link to: Video and Audio Recording

Wed 30 Nov 2011 -Professor Jullian Dowdeswell, Director, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, UK

Link to: Video and Audio recording

Public Performance

Mon 20 Feb 2012 -Susanna Ferrar will play a tribute to ther Grandfather, Hartley Travers Ferrar - Geologist on 'Discovery' Scott's 1901-04 National Antarctic Expedition at the Canterbury Museum.