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About Us

Gateway Antarctica is the Centre for Antarctic studies and research at the University of Canterbury.

Statement of Purpose

Gateway Antarctica will contribute to increased understanding and more effective management of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean by being a focal point and a catalyst for Antarctic scholarship, attracting national and international participation in collaborative research, analysis, learning and networking.


Gateway Antarctica will

  1. Provide a focus for Antarctic scholarship, research and learning;
  2. Stimulate and facilitate new research and study projects involving University staff, associates, visitors and students;
  3. Stimulate and support debate and dissemination of information through seminars/conferences/public events.
  4. Foster links with other institutions and agencies with Antarctic interests both within and outside of New Zealand.

The Centre's work will enhance:

  1. The teaching, learning and research carried out on Antarctica and Antarctic-related issues;
  2. Understanding of Antarctica in the context of the global environment;
  3. Responsible stewardship of the Antarctic environment;
  4. The management of human impacts and human activities in Antarctica;
  5. The development of solutions to contemporary issues involving Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.


  1. To stimulate, co-ordinate and facilitate excellent interdisciplinary Antarctic research.
  2. To stimulate and create, as appropriate, new teaching initiatives related to the Antarctic.
  3. To encourage international scholarship and debate on the polar regions and their global significance, providing a conduit for academic and research input into policy development.
  4. To be a knowledge gateway through the gathering, storage and access to Antarctic data.
  5. To expand knowledge and solve problems through the synthesis and presentation of results from a diverse range of research.
  6. To disseminate and advance knowledge through teaching, conferences, seminars, publication, policy work and submissions.
  7. To advocate effectively nationally and internationally on Antarctic issues.
  8. To attract and manage varied funding streams such as student related income, sponsorship and consultancy revenue, to ensure financial viability of Gateway Antarctica within the University.
  9. To act in accordance with the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.


1. Research and Consultancy

  • Co-ordinating bidding for research, putting together inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional research teams;
  • Encouraging and co-ordinating post-graduate and post-doctorate study/research, visiting scholars, access to facilities, synthesis of data/research results, solving problems;
  • Managing contract research and undertaking project and contract management.
  • Managing knowledge gateway projects and facilities.

2. Education

  • Encouraging and co-ordinating Antarctic and Southern Ocean related teaching, seminars, publications, presentations, postgraduate courses, conferences, visiting scholars (including Erskine).

3. Policy Studies

  • Co-ordinating the provision of policy advice, seminars, discussion papers.

4. Advocacy

  • Undertaking lobbying, networking, participation in international fora.